You’re privacy has been completely ransacked, as well as your home and personal belongings. People feel vulnerable and violated after an event like this.

AIA Loss Assessors have dealt with numerous burglary claims, we will sensitively deal with your claim. We will take the stress of notifying, submitting and negotiating your claim so that you can get back to somewhat of a normal life.

Here are some tips on what to do immediately if you think you’ve been burgled:

  • If you find that your home has been burgled, call the Gardai immediately.
  • If you suspect that the burglar may still be inside your property, call the Gardai from your mobile or from a neighbour’s phone.
  • Do not clean up, move or touch anything until the Gardai have had chance to inspect the scene as you could damage vital evidence. You will then be required to provide a statement as well fingerprints. Photographs of the crime scene will also be taken.
  • If your bank or credit cards have been taken, call their emergency number and have them stopped immediately. These services are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Ask for the Pulse reference number of the crime from your Garda contact, you will need it when filling in documentation for your burglary insurance claim. .
  • Contact AIA Loss Assessors Ltd. This is the best way to ensure that you receive a full and fair settlement from your insurance company in a swift manner.
  • Check your home or business for damage and start to make a list of items that are missing. If possible the contents list for insurance claim should include model and serial numbers, as well as any receipts you may have. Give this list to us , we will assist you in preparing your contents list of all lost and damaged items for presentation to your insurance company and their loss adjuster.
  • We will then contact your insurance company on your behalf, making them aware of the burglary and provide them with your Pulse number and inventory. We will act on your behalf to ensure a swift and stress free conclusion.
  • Once the Gardai have concluded their investigation, it’s worth reviewing your home or business security. (Burglar alarms, locks on groundfloor windows etc.)

At AIA Loss Assessors we do not charge a fee for our initial consultation/site visit, we agree a fee with our Clients prior to appointment and on a “No Foal, No Fee” basis.

AIA Loss Assessors Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.