Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

Recovering from a fire at your commercial property can be an overwhelming and fraught experience. Even a small fire can lead to a complicated claim, especially when damage caused by smoke and water are factored in.

When you try and handle the process of  making an insurance claim by yourself, especially for fire claims, it becomes a long and gruelling process and usually you’ll receive far less than what you’re actually entitled to.

Without a Loss Assessor to help formulate your claim, a major contributing factor as to why you won’t get what you’re entitled to is because, most business/commercial property owners completely underestimate the amount of damage that’s been done. This is before the insurance company appoints a Loss Adjuster who will try to reduce the estimate even further.

Loss Assessors are able identify items that absorb smoke and cannot be cleaned. The contents of your premises, what you can salvage and what you can’t.

The heat of the fire may have caused damage to places where they fire actually never reached itself i.e. melting/warping. This type of assessment requires a trained and experienced professional in order for the correct claim amount to be submitted.

This is with out factoring in Business Interruption costs, Loss of earnings etc.

AIA have decades of experience with the ins-and-outs of such claims and can assist you every step of the way.

If you have suffered loss or damage to your property contact us immediately to see how we can help you with your claim.

At AIA Loss Assessors we do not charge a fee for our initial consultation/site visit, we agree a fee with our Clients prior to appointment and on a “No Foal, No Fee” basis.

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