Going on holiday? Don’t post it on social media!!

Going on holiday? Don’t post it on social media!!



Last week a story in the media caught my eye. I feel it’s important to share this with you all because it happens to both A Lister celebrities and West of Ireland families alike.

John Terry shared a picture of himself and his wife on Instagram, in skiing gear at the top of a mountain, with over 3 million followers. Unfortunately, John shared this photo with a few scheming burglars who broke into his home and stole over £410,000 worth of expensive items like Hermes handbags, jewelry etc. The thieves saw their opportunity because they knew John and his family were on holidays.

A very similar situation arose in Mayo a couple of years back, a family posted about a holiday on social media, the wrong person saw the photos, and on their return, the family found their house completely ransacked and a number of both high value and sentimental items taken.

Take extra precautions when going away, use your alarm if you have one or better yet, ask a friend or relative if they would occupy the house whilst you’re away.

It’s also a very good idea to itemize your contents, make an inventory of them, take a video of the contents of room and keep these all on file. In the unfortunate event that something like this does happen, you’ll more likely to receive the correct settlement amount from your insurer with our help.


Here’s some information on Contents Insurance:


What do insurance companies class as contents?

*Household Goods

*Clothing and shoes

*Furniture and Furnishings

*Personal effects (wallets, handbags, mobile phones, jewellery, hearing aids

*Money up to €650


Contents never include:

*Property that is already insured

*Motor vehicles

*Passports/driving licences etc.


How much should I insure my contents for?


Contents should be insured for replacing the contents “as new” at the present price. Contents should include everything you’d take with you if you were to move house. The Sum Insured should also include all items in your garden or/and your shed.




All Risks Cover


You should select this type of cover if you’re planning on taking the personal item with you, outside the home i.e. for jewelry, photographic equipment etc.

It covers you for loss or theft and accidental damage to the items both inside and outside your home.


The Policy “Excess”


An excess is the amount of money you are responsible for when making a claim. It is taken from the total claim settlement amount.


Thanks for reading.