Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

Is Your Boiler Ready For Winter?

The evenings are getting shorter and it’s harder to wake up on these darker mornings. The fires are already on and your central heating system may have already started to fire up. Here are some tips on getting your home ready for winter to avoid any nasty surprises in the form of burst pipes or your boiler breaking down on a cold winter night!

Service your Boiler Annually:

The best way to avoid a boiler breakdown is through gas safety checks. Months of disuse can create problems in gas appliances, this in turn can lead to central heating system failures when the appliance is used consistently throughout winter. Annual servicing of boilers ensures that they are safe & efficient.

Insulate your pipes:

As the weather drops below zero, standing water in your pipes can freeze, which can block up your plumbing system. Water expands and turns to ice, frozen pipes are particularly likely too rupture and break. Pipe insulation is a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Check your pressure and radiators:

Have a quick look at your boiler’s water pressure to see if it might need to be re-pressurised. It might be a case that an engineer needs to take a look at it. If the pressure is too low, you may be able to bring it back up to the right pressure without any difficulty, but if its too high, you might need to speak with a professional.

Run a preliminary test:

The odd day might be warm, but the nights are already chilly, so why not take the opportunity to run your central heating system for a few hours after the sun goes round? This will allow you to discover whether or not it is working properly before the harsh winter weather arrives, enabling you to arrange central heating repairs when the weather is still somewhat pleasant.

Take out boiler cover:

At AIA Loss Assessors, we recognise the importance of staying warm during the winter months. It is essential to make sure that your boiler is winter-ready to guarantee yours and your family’s comfort during this colder season approaching. As an property claims consultants, we can help you to fix any problems you might have with your boiler. We are experts in dealing with commercial, industrial, homeowners and landlords insurance claims and we can also provide details of industry experts to help repair any damages caused.

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