Mission Statement

Mission Statement


At AIA Loss Assessors Ltd our mission is to provide the most professional and customer driven service possible to our clients.


Focusing on two main service areas, Loss Assessing and Property Insurance Surveys, we endeavour to communicate effectively and in a timely manner all relevant information to our customers.


Once appointed as Loss Assessors, following an insured claim, we shall attend to inspect the damage within 24 hours and we shall measure and estimate the cost of damage and submit the assessment to the Insurer without delay. We shall maintain a log of all communications with the Insurance Company and its agents throughout the claims process.


Even though the claims process can be quite difficult and protracted we promise to inform our clients of all progress, as it occurs. We understand the vulnerability of people when they suffer a loss and it is our job to ensure that the claim is dealt with, by the Insurer, fairly and within a reasonable timeframe.


AIA Loss Assessors Ltd is customer driven and we shall at all time act in the customer’s best interest. We acknowledge that Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters are also obliged to consider the Insured’s best interest when handling a claim and in this regard we shall always engage with the Insurer and its Agent in a professional, courteous and practical manner.